The 25th Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition was held in Qingdao, China from Aug. 3 to Aug. 7, 2022. As a professional machine tool fair certificated by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (referred to as UFI), the exhibition devotes itself to the development and progress of whole industry and tries to be the largest industrial event in the Asian-Pacific Region. A number of world famous laser manufacturers were attracted here.
HSG Laser attended the exhibition with sheet cutting machine, tube cutting machine, bending machine and handheld laser welding machine. Several customers interested in our machines decided to place orders at the exhibition after learning more and seeing the entire cutting process and effects.
  1. 20000W GH Pro Sheet Cutting Machine
This model can cut 60-80mm CS/SS sheet stably in batch. Until now, we have sold dozens of 20000W machines across the globe and helped many users to address the problem of ultra-thick (≥50mm) sheet cutting.
  1. 6600W TX12036 Tube Cutting Machine
Its Chuck 3 and 4 are combined together to rotate and move synchronously, clamp and support heavy tube (≤1200kg), moreover, tube deformation will also be corrected automatically. For this machine, 12000mm long tube is easily clamped and 0 tailing comes true when work procedures are arranged well.
  1. 1500W FMW Handled Laser Welding Machine
This model got CE certification from EU in 2020. Its electro-optical conversion rate is as high as above 45% and can move flexibly (360°). We also provide collaborative robot as options to free your hands.
  1. HB1003 Oil-electric Hybrid Bending Machine
Its bending force and length are 1000KN and 3100mm respectively. Speed of Z axis and bending reaches up to 1000mm/s and 15mm/s. If needed, you can choose six-linkage collaborative robot produced by German COMAU as options. With it, sheet will be separated, loaded, unloaded, turned over and stacked automatically.
At 16:00 P.M on Aug, 4, a live broadcast was held on Youtube and Facebook by our Overseas Marketing Department. Our keynote speaker made detailed introduction to above machines and nearly 100 customers who came from different countries watched the live broadcast. If you are interested, please click links below to check our recorded video.
* Machine appearance, technical parameters, function description, data comparison shown in this page are from HSG in-house laboratory. All testing results and experimental data shall be subject to real machine.