* High power refers to 12000W and above. 
* Thick sheet refers to 25-40mm sheet.
* ITES refers to Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition.
* Machine appearance, technical parameters, function description, data comparison shown in this page are from HSG in-house laboratory. All testing results and experimental data shall be subject to real machine. 

In China, the year of 2021-2025 is crucial to the peaking of carbon dioxide emissions. To save energy, reduce costs and make production eco-friendly, HSG Laser decides to apply the concept of environmental protection to our technical innovation and machine design. That is proven by this ITES. 
ITES Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition & Alibaba 1688 Industrial Fair was opened from Aug. 15 to 18, 2022. More than 1000 exhibitors were attracted here. At ITES, HSG Laser exhibited six different kinds of machines in 1221m2 booth (8-A01), one of the largest booths of ITES. 

GH VI Series High-power (400000W) Bus Laser Cutting Machine 

The machine is outfitted with P40 cutting head that takes special notice of laser and metal changes, so as to solve nonuniform or disordered laser arising from high-power cutting. 

Cut 300mm SS sheet
Cut 50mm CS sheet with mirror-like surface in batch
Cut 20-40mm CS/SS sheet fleetly 

With GH VI, users of steelwork, heavy-duty machinery and engineering machinery industry can not only boost cutting efficiency, but also upgrade the mode while cutting thick sheets. 

To satisfy shipbuilding and steelwork’s demands on beveling sheet and tube metals, HSG Laser develops the following two machines to break through the conventional 0° straight incision and cut sheet and tube metals with 0-45° bevel in the shape of X, Y, K, V only once. As thus, the secondary machining becomes needless. 

GF-B Series Large-format Sheet Bevel Cutting Machine 
TX-S Series Heavy-tube Bevel Cutting Machine 

These two models were highly praised by other exhibitors and customers, “beveling demands are obvious to all on the market. GF-B and TX-S have its advantages over other models.”
In recent years, HSG Laser invests more in technical innovation and many models are used for the precise production of automobile parts. Such as, trial-manufacturing cycle of new cars is greatly shortened to drive the development of new energy vehicles. 

GL-S Series Double Cutting Heads & Double Beams Coil Stock Cutting Machine 

It can decoil, load, cut and unload coil stocks at the same time. With double cutting heads and double beams, this machine doubles its cutting efficiency compared with common model, especially while unloading sheet blank inside and outside high-strength steel of new energy vehicles. 

Cell Series 3D Five-axis Laser Cutting Machine 

Its LA5 five-axis linkage cutting head can enable N*360° rotation and ±135° swing. This machine is suitable for piercing and trimming the thermal forming parts of automobiles. 

XLase-XA Series Laser Cutting Machine 

When it comes to automated, clean and efficient production, the following XLase-XA is your choice. 
This machine is equipped with linear motor, foreign-imported transmission parts, anti-collision mechanism, real-time monitoring of production, drawing imports by scanning QR code, visual identify of cutting oddments and automatic nozzle cleaning to improve cutting quality. What’s more, it can also work with automatic loading & unloading device and pallet racks to form automatic production lines. 

On Aug. 15, live broadcast was held and many customers were attracted to watch our machine introduction. In addition, we launched a new product, S06 cutting head featuring 3D rotary laser path, so as to take accurate control of angle shining on material surface from laser beam and make metals absorb more laser, especially while cutting high-reflectivity materials like SS and AL alloy. In a word, the roughness and taper degree of its cutting surface will be greatly decreased. 

To cope with new business forms produced in international manufacturing industry and carry out carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, Chinese manufacturing industry is undergoing profound changes now. Every manufacturing company shall think about how to stay on top of industrial transformation trends and upgrade to eco-friendly and service-based direction.