As global market share is increasing day by day, HSG Laser has embarked on the road of independent research and production of core elements. The speed of offering laser cutting head, one of core components, has direct impact on the delivery cycle of laser cutting machine. To that end, HSG Laser founded optical R&D center in Chiba, Japan and set up professional teams in 2018 to launch multiple intelligent laser cutting heads to lay solid foundations for users to cut sheet and tube metals easily. Moreover, they will never worry about cutting both plain incision and bevels.

Therein, P series high-power laser cutting heads (P10, P20, P30, P40) are honored as blockbusters in HSG Laser and highly rated by global users since first release. They are engineered to explore superior solutions to cut thick (≥30mm) sheet stably at high speed.

High-standard Production
Laser cutting head, as a high-precision core component of laser cutting machine, will go through thousands of professional tests and multiple work procedures in its whole process of development and production. After continuous optimum adjustment, HSG’s cutting heads can remain stable during work.

High Performance 
P series cutting heads give priority to key technology and place emphasis on the changing process of laser and metals. Except for cutting speed increase, cutting head hot and breakdown caused by high-power cutting are also addressed. As thus, users will enjoy stable cutting even at high temperature, high speed and high pressure.
New Arrival 
In 2022, HSG Laser launched P40 (40000W) cutting head after its technical upgrades based on P10, P20 and P30. Collecting energy efficiency, stability and functions together, P40 performs well in both piercing and cutting speed & quality especially while cutting thick sheet in batch.

Through sweeping market tests, P series cutting heads are able to make sheet cutting fast and stable, revealing HSG’s strong R&D strengths in the field of optical components. In 2022 and beyond, we will take well-targeted steps and offer more types of intelligent cutting heads. To be continued. Coming soon......