The ITES & 22nd Shenzhen SIMM Exhibition (from Mar. 30 to Apr. 2), an international-grade trade show in intelligent equipment manufacturing field, was grandly opened on Mar. 30, 2021. More than 2000 intelligent equipment enterprises from 30+ countries and regions gathered ceremoniously to show their technical strength in 240,000m2 exhibition hall.
To answer the national call for reforming promotion and high-quality development, and increasingly strict requirements of cutting precision, energy saving, environmental protection and processing efficiency, HSG Laser is making efforts to gain strength from technical innovation to boost its technological level vital for laser cutting machine manufacturers like CNC system, laser device and cutting head, with the purpose of accelerating the whole industry development in high quality.
During the exhibition, HSG Laser launches a high-standard 20kW laser cutting machine (GH Pro 5th generation) combining bus control system, bus cutting head and bus laser device after it lays a solid foundation in core technology and cooperates with domestic laser giants. GH Pro mainly aims at eliminating the pain points for customers using ≥10000W laser cutting machines. With GH Pro, thick or super-thick sheets will be intelligently cut in efficient, energy-saving, environmental and stable manner.
HSG Laser delivered the new product (GH Pro) launching event to overseas customers via live broadcast on Facebook and Youtube at 11:30AM, Mar. 30 (UTC+8). Every purchaser can enjoy $10000 discount at most if buying any 12-20kW laser machine. The promotion period will last from Mar, 30 to Apr. 6. Our keynote speaker also introduced all on-site laser machines for online viewers.
As for core spare parts, HSG Laser announces its self-developed scientific and technological results, including Alpha T bus control system and P20 ultra-high-power bus intelligent laser cutting head developed by Japanese subsidiary. Based on IT-driven innovative vigor, HSG Laser will be bound to offer high-level solutions by its high- & ultra-high-power laser machines and intelligent core parts.
After years of diligent layout, HSG has greatly expanded its product chain. During this tech-filled exhibition, we show our TL300 Series Heavy-duty Four-chuck Tube Laser Cutting Machine, R9 Professional Bevel Tube Laser Cutting Machine, GTE Series High-power Large-caliber Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine, GL Series Four-in-one Coil Stock Laser Cutting Machine, HB Series Oil-electric Hybrid Bending Machine, HC Series Electro Hydraulic Servo Bending Machine and FMW III Series Handheld Laser Welding Machine.
In short, HSG Laser has taken on most of its cutting-edge technologies and machines on the entire industrial chain because it is always dedicated to metal forming solutions. Users will get new leading solutions about “laser+intelligent manufacturing” in this new era.  
HSG Laser, insisting on world-class quality standards, aspires to innovate the current ≥10000W laser machine market by its high-standard machines and it will go on with ultra-high-power machine-based development concept that focuses on high technology, high quality and pragmatism. Next, HSG Laser will fight for the perfect balance between high quality and charm price, and help other enterprises to improve processing efficiency and cutting quality.